Another attack on local beauty spot

Graffiti on the Douglas Valley Trail sign off Great Acre
Graffiti on the Douglas Valley Trail sign off Great Acre

VANDALS attacked a sign marking a Wigan beauty spot just days after it was installed.

One of three large wooden notices erected last week to indicate the Douglas Valley Trail in Bottling Wood was found daubed with obscene graffiti.

John Belshaw of the Friends of Douglas Valley said: “I am trying to get some help from the council and the police to see whether we can have CCTV there. The police keep saying that if I keep reporting all these crimes and they keep happening, eventually it will highlight the amount of activity there and eventually they will do something.

“It may seem trivial, but it keeps happening. We have installed bird boxes and dog fouling bag dispensers and they have been vandalised and stolen too.

“We are trying to improve the area and make it nice for visitors and then these yobs ruin it.”

The sign has now been cleaned up and there may be plans to move it to a safer location.

Sally Wolstencroft, head of cleaner, safer, and greener environments at Wigan Council, said: “The work of volunteers in improving our open spaces is so valuable and something we should all be proud of. It is distressing that a mindless minority do not respect their local environment and are wilfully damaging the work done by John and his friends.

“We’ve worked closely with John, and will continue to provide education in schools and continue to work with residents’ groups across the borough. I’d ask parents to ensure they know what their children are doing when they are out and I appeal to whoever carried out this act to consider their actions and the waste of time and money it causes.”