Ant and Dec need home!

Ant and Dec
Ant and Dec

ANT and Dec are two gorgeous young male bunnies that managed to find themselves homeless this Easter!

They are only very young and we suspect that they were probably bought as babies and then dumped when they became a hassle to clean out and care for.

They were found hopping about in the middle of a Wigan road by a caring member of the public.

After an entire evening chasing and attempting to trap the pair, finally both were caught and taken to safety.

Not surprisingly both rabbits were incredibly frightened but generally were none the worse for wear following their traumatic ordeal.

They have been checked over by a vet, given a myxomatosis vaccination and neutered. We think that they are about five months old and are probably brothers from the same litter.

Rabbits are sociable animals so therefore we are looking to re-home them as a pair.

If you are interested in giving the rabbits a good home please call Gilmore Vets in Standish, where they are currently boarding, on 01257 426110 for further information and to arrange to meet them.

Alternatively you can see more of the pair on or