Anti-social family booted out of house by landlords


SQUATTERS have been evicted from a Wigan home in a crackdown on fraudsters.

Adactus Housing Association’s fraud team secured its first success with the eviction of squatters from a property at Park Road in Wigan.

Regular checks are made on all the association’s empty properties, but maintenance staff arriving to carry out work discovered that a family had gained access to the property and were illegally occupying it.

The tenancy fraud team then found that the family living in the property had a home of their own and were subject to an anti-social behaviour injunction.

Adactus applied to the County Court for the removal of the family from the Park Road property.

A court order was granted and upon receiving this order the family decided to vacate the property without the need to call for a bailiff.

Mark Greenhalgh, Neighbourhood Services Manager, said: “It is rare that people try to illegally occupy our properties whilst we prepare them for re-letting.

“However the action taken demonstrates Adactus’ strong commitment to supporting neighbourhoods and tackling potential anti social behaviour problems.”

Tenancy Fraud Manager Debbie Parkinson said: “This was an unusual case in that we discovered the illegal occupation ourselves. Often it’s neighbours who bring cases like this to our attention, because they’re the ones who spot that the tenant who has always lived there has gone or that the property is being used as a Giro drop.

“Recovering homes in this way means they can be made available for people on our waiting lists who need them.”

The company is calling for anyone who is aware of or suspects that a property is not being used by the real tenant, or if the tenant is only coming back to pick up post then to contact them urgently on 0845 5053355.

Calls can be anonymous if people do not want to leave their names.