Antifreeze laced turkey kills pet dog

Busta the dog
Busta the dog
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A BELOVED family pet has died after eating meat purposefully laced with antifreeze in Shevington.

Heartbroken Sue Winstanley is appealing to other pet owners to be vigilant after her ten-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, Busta, died on farmland in Shevington.

Vets were unable to save Busta after he collapsed having eaten a turkey carcass laced with the deadly fluid.

Sue, 43, said: “We would not like any other family to lose a pet in this way. We are inconsolable at the moment.

“I took him out for a walk and I stopped to chat to other dog walkers. He came up to me with his tail between his legs and I could tell he had eaten something he shouldn’t have.

“After about half an hour his legs just went. And progressively his lips turned blue and his eyes went, I was terrified.” Busta painfully died of toxic poisoning a few hours after ingesting it, say vets.

Sue added: “Since the incident, a neighbour who lives across the field told me the same thing happened to her dog last year.

“Sadly, we can never bring back our Busta, but at least we can inform other dog owners.”

Richard Weston, clinical director of Anrich Veterinary Hospital, said: “This type of incident is not common. There is no reason why it should be found on any food other than to poison. If a pet had come in the surgery with these symptoms, my first thought process would be that it was done maliciously.

“It’s very toxic to any animal and kills quickly.”