Appeal to get John home after falling ill in Spain

John Fillingham, who is stuck in a Spanish hospital
John Fillingham, who is stuck in a Spanish hospital

A MAN who is stuck in a Spanish hospital after suffering from a stroke is desperate to raise enough funds to fly home.

John Fillingham was enjoying his holiday in the North Eastern city of Salou, in Catalonia, with his two daughters, Alisha, 15, and Charley, 10, when he suddenly felt sick and dizzy.

His friend, David Riding, who was also on the trip, called an ambulance, and the 51-year-old was rushed to Joan XXIII hospital in Tarronga,

His daughters flew home with their aunt, Joyce Tarry, but John, a self-employed tiler from Leigh, has spent the last two-and-a-half weeks in hospital, as he still needs treatment.

Although his medical bills are paid for, he has no insurance cover and needs up to £15,000 for a specialist air ambulance to fly home.

His friend, David Connor, 51, who saw him at the weekend, said: “John was about three days away from coming home and he felt a bit off colour and was being sick.

“He had suffered a stroke - he could not speak properly and his face fell to one side.

“He had to have an emergency shunt at the back of his head for fluids and a tube down his throat to induce a coma. He can hear everything that is being said to him and he can open his eyes, but he falls straight asleep again. We have no idea how he is going to be and how it will affect him.

“Doctors said that if he improves he may be able to fly home next week, but it depends on whether he will be allowed due to the air pressure on the plane. We will need an air ambulance which costs around £15,000.

“He has no insurance, but his E111 pays for his medical bills,”

His sister, Ann Fillingham, 61, said: “I have been with John for the last 10 days, whilst our other sister flew over to Spain to bring his daughters home. They are currently being looked after by their mum and our sister.

“We are not coping very well and everyone is devastated. We are just desperate to get him home. It is very hard in a Spanish hospital - the staff are good but it is disorientating for him. Only the doctors speak English so it is difficult. We are grateful to everyone back home for their support.”

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