Arm gash request thug caged

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A MAN who badly gashed a woman’s arm with a large carving knife has been jailed for two years.

A court heard that, bizarrely, the victim had asked her boyfriend, 57-year-old Francis McNulty, to cut her arm near her wrist to replicate self-harm injuries that he had himself.

But McNulty, who like the woman had been drinking heavily, got a large knife from the kitchen of his Atherton home and sliced through her forearm near her left elbow leaving a gaping 8cm deep wound.

The knife sliced through her flesh but fortunately did not sever any muscles or nerves though the wound, which was pumping blood, needed four internal stitches and nine external, said Peter Barr, prosecuting.

McNulty, who was on bail at the time for assaulting her by inflicting love bites, pleaded guilty to wounding. The assault charge, which was brought as the love bites turned into significant bruises, was ordered to lie on the file.

Mr Barr told Liverpool Crown Court that the 61-year-old woman has learning disabilities and lives in sheltered accommodation. The couple had been in an on-off relationship for some time and the love bites incident occurred last December.

Mr Barr said that the victim told how McNulty got a knife and sliced her arm on request after she saw his own scars, but it was a deep cut that squirted blood and he got a towel to wrap tightly round it. She later went to hospital where it was found that fatty tissue was exposed and stitches had to be inserted.

McNulty, of Eckersley Precinct, pleaded guilty on the basis that he had been incompetent and reckless in using the knife and had not intended to cause a wound of such severity.

The court heard that McNulty had no convictions until 2008 but has since amassed eight convictions for 15 offences including three involving knives.

The most recent occurred in July last year when he received 14 months for stabbing a woman friend of his latest victim six or seven times as she had attacked her.

Jailing white-haired McNulty, Recorder Denis Watson, QC, told him: “You have revealed yourself as someone who should not be drinking at all let alone to the extent you are. You have shown yourself as someone who will drink and commit offences. You have no proper control of yourself when in drink.”

Steven Swift, defending, said, “It was not what either of them intended to happen.”