Army mum in police cell shame

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THE mother of a Wigan marine serving in Afghanistan smeared her faeces around a police cell after being arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Former Prison Service employee Sarah Goggins, 41, of Manse Avenue, Wrightington, pleaded guilty to both offences before Ormskirk magistrates.

Prosecuting, Clare Grant said police were called to the Rivaj Indian Restaurant on Mossy Lea Road at 11.40pm on March 22 where they found Mrs Goggins, a self-employed hairdresser, slumped on a sofa inside the restaurant.

She said: “The officers described her as intoxicated, she was rambling about events in Afghanistan and a number of expletives were used towards the officers.

“She was talking about her son saying he was a marine and abusing the officers saying they weren’t as good as the marines.”

After several warnings police removed her from the restaurant and arrested her for being drunk and disorderly.

Mrs Grant said the criminal damage took place in the custody suite at Skelmersdale Police Station.

She was put in a cell and she defecated in that cell and smeared the faeces around it.

Magistrates heard that the cell had required specialist cleaning services costing the constabulary £100 and that Mrs Goggins had one previous conviction for disorderly behaviour.

Defending, Mike Flynn said he had only spoken with the defendant for a brief time but “her shame and embarrassment in relation to this incident comes across,” She is mortified about her behaviour,” he added.

The court heard that her son was serving in Afghanistan with 45 Commando and Mr Flynn invited magistrates to take this into account.

Sentencing Mrs Goggins, chairman of the bench Dr Carol Stott said: “This is obviously a difficult period of your life and we hope that this resolves itself.”

Magistrates imposed a 12-month conditional discharge for the drunk and disorderly offence and ordered that Mrs Goggins pay £100 compensation to the police and £85 costs.