Arsonists put firework through letterbox

Fire service
Fire service
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A Wigan family was lucky to escape uninjured after a firework was put through their letterbox in a suspected arson attack.

The shocking incident happened at an address at The Green, in Norley Hall, at around 9pm on Friday November 4.

There was potential here to cause serious harm to somebody

Watch manager Shaun Aspey

The family was in the property when the firework, which had been lit, came through the letterbox and exploded.

Scorch marks were found in the kitchen and the blast also caused damage to the flooring downstairs.

Firefighters who attended the scene said the family, who were badly shaken but unhurt, had been the victims of months of anti-social behaviour.

The crew condemned the firework attack and said the aftermath could have been much worse.

Watch manager Shaun Aspey from Wigan fire station said: “The family was sat at home minding their own business and some people have come along, put a firework through the letterbox and set it off.

“Luckily they have smoke alarms which alerted them to it. There were scorch marks in the kitchen because the firework had travelled that far when it exploded.

“The family are at their wits’ end having to put up with this sort of behaviour.

“Whoever is doing this needs to realise the consequences of their actions. There was the potential here to cause serious harm to somebody.”

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have been informed of the incident along with Wigan Council as it is a local authority house.

The fire service remained at the scene for around an hour to ensure the family was safe and gave them some home security advice.