Artist inspired by Winehouse

Jimmy Collins paints Amy Winehouse.
Jimmy Collins paints Amy Winehouse.
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A WIGAN artist has told how the late Amy Winehouse seems to have inspired one of his most creative works ... of a horse.

Former well-known Wigan antiques dealer Jimmy Collins, who still lives on Wigan Lane, now devotes his life to art and has already had offers for one of the stunning works he painted of the 27-year-old who died last weekend.

Just a week before the singer’s death, Jimmy painted a fancy horse and his cousin said it reminded her of Amy Winehouse.

Jimmy, 79, said: “I could see it straight away, so I added some Winehouse touches – a cigarette, a rose and it all came together wonderfully. There’s no mistaking who it is.

“Last week, I decided to paint a second version of the equine Amy Winehouse ... this time putting it in a glass of wine. I admit I was very pleased with the work, but equally saddened and shocked when news of her death broke.

“It was simply an amazing coincidence.

“Several friends want to buy the work, but it’s not for sale just now. I’m having some prints done and the list of folks wanting them grows longer all the time.”

Jimmy, who is well-known for his generosity to Wigan charities, is planning a big exhibition of his work in Wigan later this year.

He said: “I won prizes for my art when I was at school. I painted until my business life became too busy. But when I gave up my export antiques business, there was a lot of time to fill. So I bought some new paints and brushes and over the last few years have produced many hundreds of works of art.”