Axe found amongst fly-tip rubbish

Councillors Jeanette Prescott and Sam Murphy at the fly-tipped waste
Councillors Jeanette Prescott and Sam Murphy at the fly-tipped waste

AN axe was discovered amongst a large pile of industrial waste piled up by rogue fly-tippers outside a Wigan social club.

Councillors Jeannette and Paul Prescott and Sam Murphy have vowed to put a stop to illegal dumpers after the offending rubbish - which included tyres, car seat covers, a stand-up shower and an axe – was left outside St Thomas’s Sports and Social Club, in Comet Road, Marsh Green.

Coun Jeanette Prescott said: “On Wednesday morning, two guys were seen ditching the waste in Marsh Green.

“Whilst we were sorting the rubbish, a council officer found an axe. Children play in the area and they could have easily picked it up and done some harm.

“How irresponsible is that? There are firms that will take rubbish away correctly for a fee.

“It will cost the council lots of money to clear this lot up.

“We have been working in the ward to let residents know that the council can offer a one-off chance to pick up their large waste to stop fly tipping.

“But this appears to be industrial waste from a firm out of the area. From papers we have seen dumped, it looks like a car firm in Bolton.

“We need to get cameras up in the area to deter fly tippers from illegally dumping waste.

“As the area behind the labour club is a bit of a hotspot, we want to put barriers up.

“But we also need people’s help.

“If anyone sees someone tipping rubbish, they should take down their car or van registration details,

“People can call the police, on 101, ourselves, on 01942 736242, or the council, on 01942 404364 as this is illegal.”

Fly tipping is an arrestable offence. Penalties include a fine up to £50,000 and/or five years in prison; forfeiture of vehicle used for fly tipping; ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) or CRASBO; driving bans, and Community Punishment Orders.