Baby Poppy helps dad pop the question

Katie, Andy and Poppy and (below) showing off her unique outfit
Katie, Andy and Poppy and (below) showing off her unique outfit

WHEN baby Poppy Smith-Devine came into the world at Wigan Infirmary, little did she know she’d be helping her dad pop the question on her first day.

But the tot became a novel and romantic form of proposal at the hospital’s maternity ward.

Mum Katie Devine says she was taken completely by surprise and overcome with emotion when, after nipping to the loo, she returned to find her new-born daughter sporting an unfamiliar outfit bearing the legend: “Will you marry my daddy?”

Even experienced medical staff were reduced to tears by Andy Smith’s wonderful piece of theatre and, happily, Katie accepted.

Family members are also delighted that Poppy Louise, who arrived weighing a healthy 9lb 3oz, managed to do so with just minutes to spare on what would have been the birthday of a much-missed grandad, John Devine.

Katie, a 19-year-old banking adviser from Lower Ince, had been in labour for 15 hours before giving birth at 11.50pm last Thursday. And it was the following morning that Andy executed his carefully-hatched plan.

The 24-year-old forklift truck driver said: “We had been talked around the issue of marriage for a while, but I hadn’t actually proposed.

“Quite early on in the pregnancy I decided it might be a nice idea if I did it once the baby was born and with her help. So I went to Wigan indoor market where a lady made me a nice customised baby grow which I have been carrying around with me everywhere, putting it in my rucksack and even taking it to work so Katie wouldn’t find it.

“All the family were in on it and it was really difficult not letting anything slip.

“Eventually on Friday the moment came. Katie went to the toilet and I knew she would be a while sorting herself out.

“So while she was out of the room I changed Poppy into the grow and when Katie came back I said ‘Poppy’s got something to ask you.’

Katie said: “I couldn’t speak, I was that moved. Of course I said ‘yes.’ Andy’s the perfect partner and is wonderful with Poppy.”