Backlash at comic's attack on gay pride

Jimmy O'Neill
Jimmy O'Neill
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A comedian’s lewd video attacking homosexuals has caused uproar across the borough as Wiganers jump to defend the LGBT community.

Jimmy O, whose real name is Jimmy O’Neill, has come under fire after posting a 19 second video saying that gay people should empty Wigan’s bins to save the council money.

Also known as “The Wigan Joker”, O’Neill has long caused controversy with his bigoted views, notably last year when he showed a “Vice” camera crew around Wigan for a documentary.

Now it appears that the public has had enough of O’Neill’s material, and he has been reported to the police on the grounds of spreading hate.

Dozens of comments have poured in on social media, many of which condemn the aspiring comedian’s behaviour.

Kat Griff strongly opposed O’Neill’s views, saying: “Jimmy O’Neill has made the fateful mistake of believing his own publicity. He listens to the few ‘yes men’ he has as friends and can’t see that the rest of Wigan don’t think he’s funny and can’t stand him.

“He’s just a very pathetic individual who tried to project his own misery onto other people to make himself feel better. He is a man who chooses to be deluded.”

Jo-Anne Milne also spoke out against the discriminatory footage, adding: “This is just a target on the gay community because he clearly has issues with LGBT.

“Seriously, I’m sure there are plenty of arguments for council spending, why pick on this subject.

“And yet again in his case, pure nasty in my opinion. We all have gay friends, so what. It still doesn’t justify defending this kind of incitement no matter what.”

Dave Cox added: “This is not his first homophobic rant, comedy is about making people laugh not about attacking people. He is also misinformed about where funding comes from,”

However, there have been a number of O’Neill’s supporters who have jumped to his defence following the scandal.

Michael Green said: “A joke is a joke and people need to smile and cheer their miserable lives up sometime.”

Mike Micra Williams simply added: “Legend”.

The video has got people talking on Facebook about how to include everyone of all races, religions and sexuality in society in future.