Bargains hard to find say shoppers

Mike Smith and Karen Hill found a few bargains in Asda, Robin Park
Mike Smith and Karen Hill found a few bargains in Asda, Robin Park

WIGAN’S bargain-hunters flooded the shops yesterday in a bid to make the most of Black Friday.

Asda at Robin Park was poised to tackle the mad rush as extra staff were on shift and the main entrance was separated by barriers to segregate the shoppers.

All the Black Friday deals were laid out at the front of the store, meaning it was even easier to spot a good deal. But not everyone was happy.

Emma Nelson and mum Louisa got up early and travelled all the way from Skelmersdale to take advantage of the discounts - but felt duped when they claimed a TV was sold to them at a higher price.

Emma, 26, said: “We feel a bit ripped off over the TV. We bought a Polaroid 32ins HD-Ready LED TV for £179 but we were told it had been put out by mistake and it will only be £89 - but only on Saturday - the day after Black Friday.

“When we spoke to customer service they said that the TV would be £89 for one day and so it had to be sold at £179. I had no choice but to keep it as I work 12 hours and could not go back the next day.

“We got up at 6am and arrived just before 7am and spent two hours in the store.”

Louisa, 51, added: “I found the store quite civilised and not too busy but we found the system was not good enough. There was a TV on offer for £39 but it had sold out within four minutes.”

A spokesman for Asda said: “We sell the 32ins Polaroid TV in our normal range and it was not in our Black Friday deal.

“They will be on offer for one day only - today - and we are happy for the customer to return the item to the store and can pay the reduced price on this day only. We have had no other complaints about this item.”

Mike Smith, 54, and Karen Hill, 44, of Ashton, didn’t intend on hunting for Christmas presents, but found a few bargains while doing the weekly food shop.

Mike said: “We bought a Harlem KT200 bike for £40. We have no idea what it was before but we saw a similar one in another bike store for £140. We also found a reduced Adventure Wheels toy.

“We were not specifically looking for bargains but as we did our food shop we realised what day it was and had a look.”

Karen added: “It was very busy and I have never seen so much staff. I can’t believe people who stamp on each other to get a bargain.”

Keith Makinson, 55, of Marsh Green, said: “I have bought a few multi-packs of beer and wine but I have not bought anything big. I normally do my weekly shop at on a Friday morning and it is certainly a lot busier. Staff had barricaded certain sections so people could collect items.”

But shopper Jack Hutchings, 23, of Highfield, said he would much rather wait until the post Christmas sales.

He said: “I had the day off work so I had a look to buy some Christmas presents.

“If you are looking for a TV or electrical items you might be better off waiting until after Christmas,rather then waiting in queues, where it is manic.”