Barking dogs and loud music top din league

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NEARLY 1,000 complaints were made about noisy neighbours to Wigan Council last year.

A freedom of information request to the authority revealed that 932 complaints were made by residents about loud music, alarms going off and domestic arguments in 2012/13.

As well as general anti-social behaviour other complaints included 100 inquiries about dogs constantly barking and 145 about litter.

The figures revealed that Bryn and Tyldesley were the areas in which the most complaints for noisy dogs were (seven in each ward) made.

Tyldesley also topped the chart for complaints about litter with 19 and Leigh had the most complaints (nearly 200) for noise pollution from loud music, car and house alarms and shouting.

Terry Dunn, director of environment at Wigan Council, said: “We work really hard to tackle anti-social behaviour and deal with nuisance neighbours. The first step we take is to seek a solution through mediation, warning letters or acceptable behaviour contracts.

“If problems persist, we would take action in the courts using injunctions and anti-social behaviour orders. We would also use environmental legislation to deal with nuisance noise.

“We issue fixed penalty notices to those caught littering and seek prosecution for persistent offenders. We won’t tolerate unacceptable behaviour and will support residents who are suffering because of others. If someone is experiencing problems, I’d encourage them to contact the council by emailing or calling 01942 404364.”