Basement fire at disused store

Market Street in Hindley
Market Street in Hindley
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A FIRE broke out in the basement of an empty shop in a town centre following a suspected electrical fault.

Firefighters were called to the disused building on Market Street in Hindley at around 10.30pm on Thursday.

They found a blaze in the basement which seemed to be caused by an electrical fault developing near the fuse boards.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus had to force entry to the property and search it before using hose reels to extinguish the flames, which were confined to the basement.

The firefighters then cut through to the basement from the ground floor to ensure the blaze could not spread further and one fire engine remained at the scene until Electricity North West arrived.

Watch officer from Wigan fire station Isaac Olurankinse said: “It was a vacant shop and it appeared there was a fault in the board where the electrics and all the fuses are.

“The building clearly hadn’t been used for a long time so we had to force our way in and search the property to locate the fire. It was just above the electric supply.

“It ended up just being a lot of melted cables.”

Crews from Wigan and Bolton Central fire stations attended the scene, and the operation lasted for around two hours and 50 minutes.