Battered cat fights for life

Brewster, who is having surgery this week
Brewster, who is having surgery this week

LOCAL pet owners are being urged to be on their guard after a cat was left fighting for its life after being viciously beaten.

The animal, called Brewster, went missing from his home last week before returning home battered and bruised.

He has spent the few days critically injured, heavily sedated in an incubator and on a drip.

Owner Sarah Lord immediately took him to the vets, expecting to be told that they expected he had been hit by a car.

However, she was told that the injuries Brewster had sustained were more consistent to someone kicking him.

Sarah said: “Brewster always comes home at night, which is why we were worried when he didn’t return on Tuesday, March 27.

“We informed our neighbours that he was missing and to keep an eye out for him. He was last seen in the middle of Gin Pit Village late on the Tuesday afternoon.

“We searched the village and the surrounding fields and there was no sign of him.

“On Wednesday, our neighbour walked down the backings at 4.20pm and he wasn’t there but at 5.20pm he was found on the step to our back gate in a very bad way.

“We immediately took him to the vets where they carried out tests, x-rays and ultrasounds.”

Brewster had bruising and bleeding on his lungs due to the trauma.

Sarah was horrified that a person could do this to a defenceless animal. She added: “When the vet said it seems like a deliberate kick rather than an accident, I was horrified.

“How could somebody be so cruel? His breathing was very shallow. He has trauma to his abdomen and severe liver damage.

“He has a few broken ribs and a few broken bones on his spinal column.

“Someone has done this to him and someone must know something.

“This is an act of pure evil, if anyone knows anything or hears anything, please let us know.

“We’ve had Brewster for over 10 years, we’re just hoping that he’ll be back to his usual mischievous self as soon as possible.”

Two years ago, Gin Pit Village in Astley, where Brewster lives, was also the location when another cat was shot in the head and neck, causing it to lose the sight in one eye.