Battle to re-open boxer death case

Ryan Cummings
Ryan Cummings
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RELATIVES are today launching a public petition demanding justice after the death of a Wigan boxer.

They will pull on special protest T-shirts and join supporters in the town’s Market Place asking shoppers to support their campaign.

Despite the disappointment of the Independent Police Complaints Commission finding that police did properly investigate, they have pledged to “fight on” to reverse the coroner’s open verdict recorded against Hindley 34-year-old Ryan Cummings who was found dead in 2008.

The petition is already circulating in the professional and amateur boxing world where it has attracted big name support including former England boxer Ryan’s famous Yorkshire-based trainer Howard Rainey, former British Featherweight champion Colin McMillan, former London champion John Emberson, legendary Islington Boxing Club trainer and promoter Lenny Hagland and former British Super Middelweight champion Cornelius Carr.

Other pugilist greats have pledged their backing too.

Dad Alan Cummings of Aspull and Ryan’s sister Louise Harrison have been battling to prove a miscarriage of justice for the past four years.

Ryan’s family fear he may have been the victim of foul play up to and including murder.

They dispute that there was any evidence of depression that could have prompted him to take his own life by hanging.

But the IPCC’s report found no malpractice in the investigation and offers no scope for a further appeal. The family had complained to the IPCC that the initial investigation into the death of Ryan was below standard and left a number of questions that remained unanswered and the follow-up inquiry was also below standard.

And they say Ryan’s mobile phone hadn’t been properly investigated for incoming and outgoing calls, including text messages that cover the last 48 hours of his life.

The petition calls upon the council to give its support to calls for GMP to re-open the case into Ryan Cummings’s death and to “examine all the new evidence that they themselves have.”

Louise said: “We are just a normal Wigan family who have been the victim of an injustice and we will not be going away.

“We want the police to re-open the criminal case investigation into Ryan’s death which led to the coroner giving an open verdict based on the facts that were presented to the inquest by them.

“There are many unanswered questions and lots of new evidence that has now come to light and we as a family feel that the case into his death should now be re-opened in order for questions to be answered once and for all and justice to be sort for Ryan who may well have been the victim of murder.”

Ryan, say his family, made a 141-minute call and sent a text in the early hours of the morning that he died, but they can’t find out where without GMP re-opening the case.