Battle to stop benefits cuts keeps going

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A WIGAN campaign to save “vital” disabled social security benefits has gone nationwide.

Golborne-based Community Action Party posted a Downing Street e-petition calling for an end to the proposed abolition of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) under the Coalition’s review of State Benefits.

Today the number of signatures passed the 11,500 mark with the petition trending third and is “growing daily.”

If the e-petition reaches the 100,000 signature mark it will automatically trigger a debate in Parliament.

Central government intend to abolish DLA for everyone between the age of 16 years up to 64 years from April 2013 when the new Personal Independence Payments programme is being rolled out throughout the country.

The Community Action Party said today that they had posted the petition because it believes that the Coalition Con Dem Government were abolishing DLA as part of their welfare reform agenda in order to make “savage cuts in welfare” which includes people living with disability or long-term /life-long illness.

Half a million people and many thousands in Wigan will have their current benefit stopped altogether or find it significantly reduced under the new system, they say.

While the change to DLA is about wiping “billions” off the DLA budget and reducing it by more than 20 per cent.

Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party Michael Moulding, who submitted the e-petition said that he was pleased that their campaign was now increasingly being adopted nationwide.

If you are already getting DLA then you will not have to meet the qualifying period.

• To sign the e-petition go to - “Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments.”