Bec’s appeal!

Bec Hall
Bec Hall

PADDY McGuinness doesn’t usually admit to having favourites on his ITV dating show Take Me Out.

But even he seemed to have a soft spot for 25-year-old contestant Bec Hall, from Poolstock.

The bubbly blonde is currently appearing on the show, which airs every Saturday night, in a quest to find romance.

Although the series was shot before Christmas, it is only being shown now, with tomorrow’s episode being the second instalment.

And on last week’s show, Paddy, who hails from nearby Bolton, told Bec he liked her because she made his accent sound posh!

“It was really funny,” said Bec, who went to London during filming. “My accent is quite broad, so I think he liked having someone with a stronger accent than him.

“He was absolutely lovely, and my whole family really like him.

“I’m a huge fan of the show itself, and have always watched it on a Saturday.

“The whole experience was great, and I met some really lovely people too. I had so much fun.

“I did it for the experience of it more than anything, but obviously there was the option to meet someone.

“I was single when I did it, so my friends all just said go for it.”

Bec was one of 12,000 girls from across the UK to apply for the show, and producers were so impressed with her personality that they selected her to be in the first group of 30 girls to appear.

Unfortunately, Bec didn’t find love last Saturday – but that means she will hit our screens again tomorrow.

As much as she is a fan of host Paddy though, one other familiar face also caught her eye. “I absolutely love Mark Wright,” she said.

“He was presenting the new spin off show, which is on ITV2 straight after.

“I’m a big fan of The Only Way is Essex, and was so excited to meet him.

“I was the first one to talk to him, and as he came over to shake our hands I just gave him a big hug.

“Everyone was laughing, and then Mark took the mick out of my accent like Paddy did. It was hilarious.

“All the girls grew close because we were all in it together – there wasn’t any bitchiness at all.”

Take Me Out returns to our screens tomorrow at 7.15pm.

But will our girl find herself a man?

“I can’t say,” she said. “But it’ll be just as much fun as last week, I can promise you that.

“Everyone will have to tune in to see how it goes.”