Benefit cheat mum is jailed

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A MOTHER-of-two wept as she was jailed for a £41,000 benefit fraud.

Joanne Bull, had claimed that she was a single parent but in fact after husband James Bull was freed from prison, they were living together.

He had been working since 2006 as a warehouseman and documentation showed the couple were sharing their home in Inskip, Skelmersdale, a Liverpool Crown Court heard. By the time her dishonesty came to light last summer the six year fraud had netted her £41,741, said Martine Snowden, prosecuting.

She pleaded guilty to false representation and twice failing to notify a change of circumstances. The offences involved income support, council and housing benefit.

Jailing her for six months Judge Robert Trevor-Jones said that it had been fraudulent from the outset and had continued for a extended period. “Money does not grow on trees, it comes as the product of people working and paying tax on their earnings thereafter enabling people to are in a deserving position to obtain benefits.

“It is not for people to fraudulently obtain and effectively abuse the trust of the tax paying community,” he said.

Michael Hegarty, defending, said that Bull has no previous convictions and had admitted her guilt. She has been repaying the money, he added.