Benefits fiddler is jailed

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A WIGAN dad-of-five who cheated the state out of nearly £59,000 in a benefit fraud has been jailed for 32 weeks.

As 51-year-old Alan Cain, who uses a walking stick, was led to the cells his two daughters in the public gallery broke down in tears.

Judge Nigel Gilmour QC told widower Cain: “The message needs to go out to the public who are in receipt of benefits that no matter whether young or middle aged, well or not well, if you take public money to this extent for such a long time you will go to prison.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Cain dishonestly obtained a total of £58,704 over 11 years, mainly in incapacity benefit and £416 of it in income support.

His incapacity benefit claim began legitimately in 1997 but became fraudulent in April 2000 when he began working and did so almost continuously, including more than four years in Asda, until it came to light last October.

During this time he filled in four forms confirming his inability to work and had two medical examinations, said Barry McKenna, prosecuting.

At the time of the second one in September 2009 he omitted to mention he was working as a night supervisor.

The hearing was told he began dishonestly claiming income support between February 7 and March 24 last year.

Cain, of Grenfell Close, Worsley Mesnes, pleaded guilty to four offences of making false representations to obtain benefit.