The best and worst of Wigan and Leigh's GPs

Wigan's best and worst GP surgeries have been revealed in this year's patient survey results.

Friday, 21st July 2017, 11:48 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:20 pm
The highest performing surgery was Slag Lane medical centre in Lowton

Patients across the borough have had their say on all aspects of their GP practices including waiting times, making appointments and opening hours and Wigan Borough CCG has come out on top of the national average.

For overall experience, 100 per cent of those registered at Slag Lane Medical Centre in Lowton said that their experience was "very good" or "fairly good", which is much higher than the 85 per cent national average.

Only 18 of the 61 surgeries in the survey fell below the average, with Seven Brooks Practice on Church Lane in Atherton with only 67 per cent of patients classing their overall satisfaction as "good".

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Dr Tim Dalton, local GP and chair of NHS Wigan Borough CCG, said: " I’m delighted with the results for Wigan Borough practices as they show that we have the second highest levels of satisfaction in Greater Manchester and higher levels of satisfaction than the national average.

"We even have one practice that has 100 per cent levels of overall patient satisfaction. Obviously, there are things that we and individual practices can still improve on as we continue to drive up the quality of services. I hope that next year we have shared the learning from our best performing practices and have more with 100 per cent satisfied patients."

Slag Lane staff impressed their patients across the board, with 94 per cent of people saying that they found it "easy" to get an appointment, and 90 per cent of patients reporting to be happy with their surgery’s waiting times once there.

Margaret Riley, practice manager at Slag Lane Medical Centre, said: "We are very pleased about the result and very grateful to our patients who have responded.

"It just shows the type of relationship we feel we have with our patients. We have a good patient relationship.

"We treat them like friends and family. Because we are a small practice we know a lot of the patients personally.

"On top of this we have a very hard-working team. Dr Kumar works very hard. This is just a result of a lot of effort put in by everyone, but we couldn’t do it without the support of our patients and the whole team here."

Here is the full list of practices from highest patient satisfaction, to lowest.

Slag Lane Medical Centre - 100 per cent

ESA Surgery Ltd - 99 per cent

The Chandler Surgery - 97 per cent

Zaman - 96 per cent

Premier Health Team - 95 per cent

Hatikakoty N - 95 per cent

Dr Spielmann & Partners - 94 per cent

Lilford Park Surgery - 94 per cent

Gupta K - 94 per cent

Dr Seabrook - 94 per cent,

Dr Chan - 94 per cent

Grasmere Surgery 93 per cent

Dr Maung & Partner - 93 per cent

Dr Ellis & Kreppel - 93 per cent

Dr Munro & Partners 93 per cent

Shahbazi SS - 93 per cent

Beech Hill Medical Practice 93 per cent

Saxena L - 93 per cent

Ollerton A - 92 per cent

Dalton TM - 92 per cent

Pennygate Medican Centre - 91 per cent

Meadowview Surgery - 91 per cent,

Marus Bridge Practice - 91 per cent

Intrahealth Family Practice - 91 per cent

Standish Medical Practice - 90 per cent

Dr D’Arifat & Partners - 89 per cent

Pitalia S - 89 per cent

Xavier CA - 89 per cent

The Dicconson Group - 88 per cent

Intrahealth Marsh Green - 88 per cent

Braithwaite Road Surgery - 88 per cent

Astley GP - 87 per cent

Sivakumar & Partner - 87 per cent

Ullah M - 87 per cent

Dr Anis & Anis - 86 per cent

Sullivan Way Surgery - 86 per cent

Leigh Family Practice - 86 per cent

Aspull Surgery - 85 per cent

Elliott Street Surgery - 85 per cent

Intrahealth Tyldesley - 85 per cent

Pemberton Surgery - 85 per cent

Dr Patel Kamath & Partners - 85 per cent

Khatri K - 85 per cent

Brookhill Medical Centre - 84 per cent

Lower Ince Surgery - 84 per cent

Dr Alistair & Partners - 84 per cent

Bradshaw Medical Centre - 83 per cent

Dr Anderson and Dr Ahmed - 83 per cent

Dr S N Sharma & Partners - 83 per cent

Dr Tun & Partners - 83 per cent

Foxleigh Family Surgery - 83 per cent

Dr Vasanth - 82 per cent

Intrahealth LSV - 80 per cent,

Dr Ahmad & Partners - 80 per cent

Dr Khatri CP - 80 per cent

Dr Pal - 79 per cent

Higher Ince Surgery - 77 per cent

Intrahealth Platt Bridge - 76 per cent

Bryn Cross Surgery - 73 per cent

Dr Trivedi- 72 per cent

Seven Brooks Pratice - 67 per cent