Better bus services plea

New Springs residents have signed a petition about the state of the bus service they have, led by resident Gareth Jones
New Springs residents have signed a petition about the state of the bus service they have, led by resident Gareth Jones
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Unhappy residents are demanding transport bosses improve bus services to what they say is a forgotten corner of the borough.

Wiganers living in New Springs are signing a petition calling on Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to increase the number of vehicles serving the Top Lock area.

Around 120 people have so far signed the petition started by New Springs resident Gareth Jones, who says services in the area have dropped from three to one an hour.

Top Lock and New Springs are currently served by the 613 route during the day and the 614 at night and the protestors are calling for more frequent services as well as altering the timetables to improve service in the Bottling Wood area.

Mr Jones says the problem has been made worse by shops closing in Top Lock and New Springs, leaving many residents unable to do their shopping locally and struggling to travel into Wigan using public transport.

Mr Jones, 34, said: “Services have been reduced to one an hour and the two routes have been joined up, so by the time you get to Wigan it’s time to come home again because the next bus is due.

“You have to run round the town centre, grab what you want or face an hour’s wait.

“The other problem is we’ve absolutely nothing up here. The nearest shop is quite a distance from Top Lock. All we’ve got is a pub, it’s like being stuck out in the sticks.

“Morrisons closing has made things a lot worse for people, the nearest places to shop are now in Aspull or Whelley which are quite a distance away,

“The reaction to the petition has been very good, some people are really quite angry about this and a lot of residents are complaining.

“Some people had been taking taxis even though that can be quite expensive. The first bus which is free for pensioners is mid-morning and they like to go into town early and get home quickly.”

The petition suggests the 614 daytime service should be reintroduced allowing the 613 to once again serve the Bottling Wood and Durham Street areas and New Springs should get a bus every 30 minutes.

To sign the petition or find out more, search for: To see an improvement to the 613/614 service for the people of New Springs created by Gareth Jones at