BGT evil genius act hails from Wigan!

Davros aka 'Paul from Lancashire' takes to the stage on Britain's Got Talent
Davros aka 'Paul from Lancashire' takes to the stage on Britain's Got Talent
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AN out-of-this-world variety act that has taken Britain’s Got Talent by storm is firmly rooted in the borough’s music scene.

Judges David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon loved seeing Doctor Who’s nemesis Davros singing Loveshack and doing the Riverdance on Saturday night .

Despite Simon Cowell making it clear he was not impressed, the evil genius and his policeman sidekick (no, we’ve got no idea why, either) went through to the next round.

The Evening Post can reveal that this Davros doesn’t in fact hail from Skaro but is Paul Dolman, 47, owner of Static Records on Hallgate in Wigan town centre.

And the origins of the act lie in the Deep Space Deviants, a band which rehearses at The Old Courts.

Davros’ BGT dream started when the pre-auditions for the new series came to the Crawford Street arts hub and the production crew liked the quirky routine enough to put them through to the Liverpool show.

Manager Dave Arnold said: “It’s a parody of the arch enemy of Doctor Who, turning it on its head to make him a figure of fun.

“It’s taking this person who’s been stuck with the image of being evil and saying he’s not.

“They did a song and dance routine including a Riverdance, which is interesting because he’s got no legs.

“It was pretty exciting in Liverpool but what we’re doing is just surreal. You could call it a novelty act but you can read into it what you like.

“Maybe it’s kids entertainment, maybe it’s something else.

“We’ve been doing this act for a few years now, but normally he would be with a band. However, the pre-auditions at The Old Courts got people on and off stage really quickly and the full group would have taken ages to set up, so now he’s kind of gone solo!”

Viewers at the weekend saw the judging panel look a touch dumbstruck when Davros/Paul first took to the stage but he soon had the crowd singing along to his version of Loveshack by the B-52s .

He said: “I’m the arch-enemy of Doctor Who and I’m here to entertain you.”

When asked my main man Mr Cowell whether he thought he could win the show, he responded: “I think we can win it, we can take it to the next level, maybe the stars.”

Speaking ahead of the audition, Paul said: “I think Davros and Simon would get on well together – he is evil, he has no conscience, but he is nice to kids and animals.”

David said: “It was original, it was entertaining. I’d expect to see this kind of act on The Voice. It reminded me of a young Ant and Dec. At least one of them stood around doing nothing useful”. Alesha added: “I haven’t got a clue what this act is, but I like it” before Simon burst the bubble saying: “For me, it was just you in a bad mask in half a dalek”.