Bid to stop dog nuisance

Coun Davies and Lawrence Hunt
Coun Davies and Lawrence Hunt
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IT’S shaped like a plastic doggy bone and clips onto the lead.

Now there are hopes that this clever device – which is packed full of poop scoop bags – will finally persuade owners to clean up after their pets.

Particularly as they are being offered completely FREE of charge if you telephone a concerned Metro councillor.

Dog muck isn’t just an anti-social and unpleasant menace when you step into it accidentally, it is a genuine health risk and a known carrier of the disease toxocariasis which can cause blindness.

Environment panel member Coun George Davies is urging dog lovers to join him in making a clean sweep of the problem.

He is particularly concerned after noticing an upsurge in the distressing problem in Whelley and Bottling Wood’s pavements and parks.

He has joined forces with community activist Lawrence Hunt along with the Metro’s Neighbourhood teams in New Market Street to launch the initiative.

If you would like one of the special dispensers call Coun Davies on 01942 486864.

Whelley resident Mr Hunt said: “We are urging all dog owners in the borough to be responsible and clean up with a poop scooper bag.”

Wigan Pier based Keep Britain Tidy say that dog fouling is a major issue for the town. Although it has recorded a reduction in overall levels of dog fouling over the past decade, it is still significant.

It remains the responsibility of the dog owner or the person in charge of the dog to clear up any dog foul left by their dog.

If you fail to clean up after your dog you can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice, or if the case goes to court a fine of up to £1,000.

The regulations state that being unaware that the dog has fouled, or not having a suitable means of removing the faeces, is not a reasonable excuse for not picking it up.