Bike collision was a tragedy with no blame

Steven Peet with his wife Lisa
Steven Peet with his wife Lisa
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A WIGAN motorcyclist who was described as a huge character died in an unavoidable road traffic collision, an inquest heard.

Steven Peet, of Beech Hill, was killed almost instantly as his Kawasaki 6000 ZZR bike collided with a Jeep Cherokee on Meadow Pit Lane, Haigh, in the summer.

A post mortem revealed the 39-year-old dad-of-six died of multiple injuries.

David Andrew Miller was driving his Jeep Cherokee along Meadow Pit Lane, which has a 60mph speed limit, and had negotiated a 90 degree left hand bend.

He told the inquest, led by assistant coroner Simon Jones: “A motorbike popped up in front of me in the middle of my lane. He must have hit his brake and was going from side to side. He dropped the bike and there was a huge bang.

“As soon as I saw him, I applied my brakes violently - there was nothing else I could do. I got out and saw him underneath the car.”

Louise Pritchard was driving in the same direction as Mr Miller, behind him, at a similar speed of between 30mph and 40mph and saw the impact of the collision.

She told the hearing at Bolton Coroner’s Court: “I saw a flash coming from left to right as the bike came in our direction. He was centimetres away and went straight across the front of the car. I didn’t see the collision, but I heard the bang.”

PC David Holmes, senior collision investigator with Greater Manchester Police’s forensic collision reconstruction unit, said Mr Miller, who passed both breath and eye tests, had done all he could to avoid the smash.

He said: “Whilst negotiating the left bend, Mr Peet had applied his emergency brake which caused his front wheel to lock up and skid, as indicated by the tyre marks.

“He skidded into the westbound lane and collided with the jeep. He stayed with the bike whilst falling on the road. The front of the jeep passed over Mr Peet, trapping him before it came to a stop.

“We were able to trace Mr Miller’s speed to be between 30mph and 40mph. He reacted very quickly to the bike coming around the bend and he did everything he could under the circumstances.”

He added that by looking at the tyre marks, it was estimated Mr Peet, a former delivery driver, was travelling at around 35mph.

Mr Peet’s wife of four years, Lisa, said she had known him since she was 17 and he had ridden motorbikes since he was a teenager.

He bought his Kawaski 600 three years ago and rode it on a daily basis.

Simon Jones, concluding, said: “Although he had not taken a test for that particular bike, Mr Peet was an experienced driver. He lost control as he hit the emergency brake and skidded into the path of the oncoming Cherokee. The collision was unavoidable.

“Mr Peet had not been drinking, speed was not a factor and there were no mechanical defects with either vehicles. He died as a result of a road traffic collision.”

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Peet’s family said that they could now seek closure and that he had left a huge hole in their lives.

His wife, Lisa, said: “He was such a great man and will be greatly missed. We want to thank the biker family for leading a funeral procession for Steve and they have been very supportive every since.

“We also want to show our appreciation to Tesco, in Central Park Way, where Steve worked and our children’s schools who did a collection and supported us.”