Biker dad clocked at 110mph

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A WIGAN biker dad was caught on camera driving at lunatic speeds of more than 110mph – with his 11-year-old daughter on the back.

Stunned police filmed Kenneth Jones as he tore along the East Lancashire Road between Greyhound Island and the Atherleigh Way junction at a rate which in places was 50mph above the limit on what were described as busy roads.

Kenneth Jones (right) stops his bike while his daughter (left) dismounts

Kenneth Jones (right) stops his bike while his daughter (left) dismounts

The 47-year-old from Sheaves Close, Abram, admitted the speeding offence to Wigan magistrates who banned him from driving for 56 days, hit him with a £400 fine and orderd him to pay £250 in court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Road safety organisations have since blasted the sanctions as too lenient and condemned as “despicable” those who take risks with other people’s lives.

The hearing was told that the offence took place on the evening of November 19 last year when a calibrated speedometer fitted to a police patrol car picked up Jones’s Yamaha XJR 1300.

Officers pulled the motoryclist and his young pillion rider over and he was summonsed to court.

Jones initially pleaded not guilty to the charge that he was travelling at not less than 115mph and a trial was due to take place. But he then changed his plea to guilty on the morning of the trial.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has described the sentence as “very lenient.”

And Nick Scarlett, development officer of road safety charity Brake said: “This rider took an immense risk with his life and that of his young daughter.

“Riding at 110mph on public roads is utterly perilous because it dramatically reduces the opportunity you have to react in an emergency.

“At these speeds you are more likely to crash, and if you do it’s very likely you would be killed or you would kill somebody else.

“Driving at these speeds shows a complete disregard for the safety of the rider, his daughter and other road users.

“We would urge judges to use the full range of sentencing powers when dealing with drivers or riders that take despicable risks with others’ lives, including the maximum available in the most serious cases.

“Tougher penalties for bad drivers would act as a real deterrent and help to prevent devastating crashes that ruin lives on our roads every day.”