Bin lorry mayhem

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BIN lorries are causing traffic chaos with their collection schedules.

Wigan’s leader of the opposition is now calling for more thought to be put into their operation to avoid creating “spectacular” jams.

And today the borough’s waste disposal chiefs agreed to look at re-timing their runs to avoid rush hour.

The pledge comes after complaints by Councillor Gary Wilkes about the lumbering recycling vehicles and their teams bringing traffic to a standstill during the breakfast time rush.

He is suggesting that their operations are re-timed so that the lorries complete collections among the housing estates within the village during the busy period.

And he believes they should tackle homes on School Lane – a busy route linking the M6 with the Middlebrook M62 junction – during the off peak period.

Coun Wilkes said: “I have been approached by a commuter who keeps getting caught up in big jams and delays on School Lane on Thursday morning caused by the council bin lorries.

“He is annoyed because he believes that with a bit more thought this is completely unnecessary and I can certainly see where he is coming from.

“The man was upset that they were collecting bins on School Lane during the rush hour and other main roads, he went on to say they collect bins off the nearby housing estate after that and wants to know why the collections can’t be done on the housing estate first and then when traffic flow decreases they can do the main road areas?

“With a simple re-scheduling we could arrange for the big waggons to do their estate collections in Standish during the rush hour, where they will cause the minimum of disruption to motorists.

“Once all the commuters are on their way and the parents have done their school run we could then send the bin teams along School Lane. They are always going to cause some disruption because, as I know myself, School Lane is always quite busy with people going between the motorways.

“But at least this way we are doing our best to make the process as painless as possible.”

Council head of cleaner, safer, greener Sally Wolstencroft said: “School Lane in Standish is a busy road and part of one of the borough’s major transport routes.

“As a rule we do our best to ensure that we avoid emptying the bins on these roads at peak times to keep the traffic moving. We are grateful that this has been brought to our attention and we’ll look into what has happened.

We’d like to apologise if people were delayed as a result.

If there are any problems with this service then we’ll take the appropriate action to rectify them.”