Blacklist adds to debtors’ troubles

News story
News story

ONE in four of Wigan families is on a credit blacklist.

Some are there because of their own profligacy, others through no fault of their own.

But one thing is for sure: that once you are on one, it severely restricts your financial movements and in some cases makes whatever your financial woes were to get you on the list in the first place even worse.

A case in point is the resitrictions to shopping online.

The reason so many people prefer to buy goods this way is because it is where many of the bargains to be found: just the place where someone in financial straits needs to be looking when they are trying to get out of a hole.

Latest figures show that these thousands of Wiganers are therefore giving up on the computer and concentrating on the high street where they are forking out £12m more for the same goods.

What many of them should be aware of is that they can still make purchases online without the need for plastic cards. It is a route certainly worth exploring.