Blind Bailey needs your help

Bailey (3), who is blind, with his parents Mark Foster and Shelley Dunn
Bailey (3), who is blind, with his parents Mark Foster and Shelley Dunn

LITTLE Bailey Foster is blind in both eyes and cannot eat, walk or talk.

The three-year-old was born with septo-optic dysplasia, a rare condition which affects just five in a million children.

But now his parents have been given a glimmer of hope that one day he may see again and have the chance of a better life with pioneering treatment which is only available in China.

Shelley Dunn and Mark Foster of Atherton Road, Ince, are this week launching an appeal to raise around £40,000 to send Bailey to Shenzhen, China to receive stem cell treatment to rebuild underdeveloped areas such as the optic nerves.

Mark said: “We only found out that Bailey was blind when he was about three months old.

“We noticed that something wasn’t quite right as he wasn’t really focusing on anything properly when we would wave toys at him,

“After numerous tests and brain scans, he was finally diagnosed with this very rare condition when he was about one and a half.

“We have heard about this pioneering treatment which is not available in the UK but we just want to give Bailey a chance in life. This means he may be able to get some sight and have a better life.”

The expensive treatment, which would be carried out by Beike Biotech, a Chinese biotechnology company, involves taking stem cells from umbilical cords of healthy babies and injecting them into the spinal cord.

His family has launched a web page and plan on organising various events throughout the year to raise the required funds.

Mark, 23, added: “Bailey also suffers with diabetes and can have very bad moods swings which also means he won’t eat properly.

“But despite all of this, he is a very happy boy, he’s always smiling and making noises. He’s a joyful child and he makes us smile a lot.

“However, it can be hard work looking after him. As he doesn’t have any sense of night or day, he sleeps when he wants to which can be hard on us.

“But we wouldn’t change him for the world, we just want to make his life better. We would be eternally grateful to anybody who could help us do that.”

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