Blue Monday - pah! Here’s ten reasons to be cheerful

Spring is in the air
Spring is in the air

IF you’re feeling a bit down, fear not, you are definitely not alone because today is Blue Monday, officially the most miserable day of the year.

But precisely why should this seemingly innoxious day be regarded as such a melancholy moment?

Sam Tomkins - returning to Wigan Warriors

Sam Tomkins - returning to Wigan Warriors

Blue Monday is the brainchild of Cardiff University lecturer Cliff Arnall working at the behest of travel companies to help work out when people were most likely to want to book a holiday.

Using various factors, including weather, debt levels, time elapsed since Christmas and payday, and low motivation, Arnall pinpointed the third Monday of January as the low point of the year.

Critics point out there is precious little real science and not a fair bit of quackery involved in this kooky trend.

But there can be little doubt that as dark and gloomy January drags on, most of us could do with their spirits lifting.

The Wigan 10k - get training now!

The Wigan 10k - get training now!

Here in Wigan, there are all manner of reasons to be cheerful. The Evening Post picks out the 10 best...

1, We’re not St Helens

You want a real reason to be down in the dumps, look over Billinge Hill.

2, Super League

We’re just weeks away from the return of Super League. The Grand Final seems a long, long time ago, and Warriors and ready to go again.

3, The Wigan 10k

The Joining Jack-inspired event is one of the best 10k races in the country. Why not start your training early. There’s no better way to beat the January blues.

4, Pie noon

Some of the world’s greatest pies are made right here in Wigan. Lift your spirits by grabbing one for today.

5, Sam’s back

Wigan Warriors’ prodigal son Sam Tomkins is back in the fold after a two-year spell in New Zealand.

6, Yanic Buy

Latics have finally secured the services of quick-silver Dutchman Yanic Wildschut. More vim and verve at the DW Stadium guaranteed.

7, Pennington Flash

Get out and enjoy the fresh air and where better than this 200-acre country park, home to one of the region’s best nature reserve and a great day out for families. What better way to lift the spirits!

8, 347 days until Christmas

Plenty of time to save up, plenty of time to plan and prep in advance, and plenty of time to forget all those good intentions and leave everything to the last minute. Again.

9, Lighter nights

It might not seem like it right now but longer days, if not better weather, are just around the corner.

10, The Euros

England will be in action in the Euros this summer. Got your BBQ ready?