Body in bin trial drama

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THE partner of a young gay Wigan man, who was allegedly strangled to death by a neighbour, broke down while giving evidence.

Carl Hellman became upset while viewing photographs showing the Wigan home of his late lover Steven Rourke and the court was temporarily adjourned.

Mr Hellman told how 26-year-old Mr Rourke enjoyed the fetish of auto-erotic asphyxiation for which he used a sock, belt or cable to wrap tightly around his neck.

“He would go red in the face but never passed out. He would have red marks around his neck,” Mr Hellman told a jury at Liverpool Crown Court.

He shuddered as he told how Mr Rourke would even sometimes put his hands around his own neck. Sometimes immediately afterwards Mr Rourke would ask to have sex with him but he always refused.

It is alleged that the victim was killed in March by next door neighbour in Bickershaw Lane, Bickershaw, James Jepson after Jepson rejected his sexual advances.

Jepson then hid the body in his wheelie bin and went out drinking. Before the body was found three days later abandoned on nearby waste land by two horrified lads Jepson moved it from place to place.

He was captured on CCTV pulling the bin around and seen by witnesses and confessed to his girlfriend that he had killed Mr Rourke. But he later told police he could not remember the incident as he had been high on cocaine.