Bogus doctor alert

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AN ALERT has been issued to elderly residents over reports that a bogus doctor is contacting patients in Wigan as part of a cash scam.

A number of local people have reported receiving telephone calls from a foreign-sounding man posing as a doctor.

It is understood the fake doctor claims to have reviewed their medication, and then say he can recommend them a new drug to take – but it will cost them £100.

The caller is said to sound ‘very convincing’, and a number of people have provided the caller with their bank details, but received no medication in return.

There have also been other reports of foreign-sounding male and female callers requesting personal banking details of elderly residents, so money could be refunded into their account due to an alleged over-charging.

When the caller has been challenged, they have then terminated the call.

Anybody who is suspicious about callers asking for their personal details should contact the police immediately.