Book blasts Wigan pubs serving ‘unhealthy’ meal

Richard Bean with the large mixed grill
Richard Bean with the large mixed grill

THREE Wigan pubs are selling the nation’s ‘unhealthiest’ dish, it has been claimed.

A new book from the publishers of top-selling Mens Health and Womens Health magazines targets JD Wetherspoons’s Large Mixed Grill in a search for our worst (and best) food.

The £10.79 gut buster of gammon, steak, sausages, pork, lamb, egg and chips contains a waistband-loosening 1,940 calories per serving ... or 97% of what’s recommended for a woman in an entire day, and 77% of a man’s suggested daily intake.

It also has more than double the guideline daily amount of saturated fat, 168% of the fat and 103% of the salt.

Wetherspoons’ run The Moon Under Water and The Brocket Arms in Wigan, as well as The Thomas Gerard in Ashton.

Tom Stone, editor of the new book Eat This, Not That! said: “Every restaurant in the country has some menu items like this that are nutritional nightmares, and the public deserves to know about them.

“Obesity in this country is catching up with the US, and if we don’t take responsibility for what we eat, the problem is only going to get worse.

“Armed with the nutritional analysis from the UK’s favourite restaurants, it is possible to enjoy eating out and still lose weight.”

But JD Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said Wetherspoon offers its customers a choice of more than 60 meals, from the mixed grill to a salad with chargrilled chicken (468 calories).

He said: “It is up to our customers to choose the meals they enjoy, and many choose the large mixed grill as a treat.

“There are numerous other meals on the menu, including lower fat and healthy options.”

He pointed out that leaflets with nutritional information, including the calories and fat content of every meal on offer, are available in all their Wigan pubs and on their company website.

Eat This, Not That! is available for £9.99 at

Here’s what WEP chief reporter RICHARD BEAN thought of the epic feast ...

I was, for many years, the proud owner of a badge proclaiming ‘I Survived The Big One’, presented to me after a tummy-testing plunge at the opening of Blackpool’s epic rollercoaster.

Maybe Wetherspoons should consider a similar token for any customer brave enough to tackle the large mixed grill.

As a 50-year-old veteran of far too many takeaways, my saddle bags aren’t confined to the motorcycle, these days.

So, in line with a hazy New Year resolution, I swapped chips and veg for a baked potato and salad.

As the gargantuan feast arrived, a group of retired ladies who lunched on the table next door ventured: “You are not going to eat all that YOURSELF are you?”

They had every right to issue a challenge. Try two pork sausages, gammon steak, pork steak, two lamb chops, rump steak, free range fried egg... and six beer-battered whole onion rings.

Truth be told the rump steak was overcooked, dry and tough, and the gammon bland, but the sausages were soft and delicious and the chops gorgeous.

And the onion rings... ooh, Mother. Fantastic, crisp outside and soft and unctuous within. I could have managed a plate of them on their own.

At the end of the day, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

Wetherspoons offers a whole section of ‘healthy option’ meals, but this is a serious meal for serious tums in serious times... without a serious bill.