Bottling horror

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A MAN nearly bled to death after a drunken friend attacked him with a broken sauce bottle.

A court heard that an artery in Derek Staples’s neck was severed and it was only the prompt arrival of paramedics that saved his life.

His attacker, 42-year-old Martin Trickey of Flimby, Skelmersdale, was jailed for six years after admitting wounding with intent.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Trickey and partner Leona Garbe spent the day drinking at Mr Staples’s home in Flimby and when they began bickering Mr Staples gently tried to usher them out. Prosecutor Harry Pepper said: “Trickey stood up, picked up a glass sauce bottle with his left hand and smashed it on a coffee table and hit Mr Staples with it.”

The victim lost consciousness and resuscitation was started and he was taken to hospital with a weak pulse. An ENT surgeon had to stitch the temperal artery in his neck, which had been severed, and he also needed stitches to gashes to his right cheek and ear.

David Lacide, defending, said that Trickey’s life “has been ravaged by alcohol.” His slide into alcoholism began in 2002 following his father’s death and he was also the victim of a serious attack which fractured his leg, leaving him with a permanent limp. He added that Trickey, who has previous convictions, including assaulting his partner, “Is quite horrified by what occurred,” he added.