Bouncers guilty of attack

Martin Robinson in Wigan Infirmary after he was assaulted at Indiependence
Martin Robinson in Wigan Infirmary after he was assaulted at Indiependence
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TWO Wigan bouncers have been convicted of a brutal attack on a nightclubber which left him with a punctured bowel.

Victim Martin Robinson spent four months in hospital after the assault and had to undergo a number of operations.

Lucca Curri was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm and Matthew Foy was convicted of assault by beating.

When their trial began last week both men were facing a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

But as the evidence emerged that charge was dropped and a lesser alternative offence of inflicting grievous bodily harm was also dropped against Foy.

The Liverpool Crown Court jury has heard that on April 2 last year while Foy held Mr Robinson, his colleague, Curri, punched him and he was thrown to the ground.

While he curled up into a ball to protect himself he was kicked in the stomach and punched by the defendants despite him screaming for them to leave him alone, said Eric Lamb, prosecuting.

He was then thrown out on the pavement outside the Indiependence nightclub in King Street West and at hospital it was found that Mr Robinson, who lives in Goose Green, had suffered a perforated bowel.

Mr Lamb told the jury that the 23-year-old victim suffers from Crohn’s Disease and takes immunosuppressant drugs and consequently was prone to suffer a perforated bowel.

He had to undergo surgery to remove part of his bowel and he needed 20 stitches which left him with a six-inch scar. Curri, 37, of Acorn Street, Newton-le-Willows and 24-year-old Foy, of Pilling Lane, Chorley, were yesterday both further remanded on bail but warned that they may face immediate custodial sentences.

Judge David Harris, QC, ordered pre-sentence reports to be prepared on them and an up-to-date medical report on Mr Robinson.

He told Curri: “Whatever happened it was entirely out of character and there my be reasons why it occurred.”

They are to be sentenced on February 14 and conditions of their bail include not working in licensed premises.

During the trial Curri told the court that the victim had been drunk and had fallen downstairs. He denied punching him and said the injury Mr Robinson suffered was caused when he fell over or during a lawful struggle when he was ejected.

Foy said that he saw Mr Robinson going towards Curri with a bottle and grabbed him to stop a potential attack. He said he got him in a bear hug and Curri came to assist him.

After the hearing Mr Robinson said: “I am still suffering the after-effects of what happened. But I am satisfied with the outcome from court and hope now that I can move on with my life.”