Box it for the troops

John Sanson, general manager of the Grand Arcade, where people are being asked to support the 'Love In A Box' appeal
John Sanson, general manager of the Grand Arcade, where people are being asked to support the 'Love In A Box' appeal

BOSSES at a Wigan shopping centre are calling for donations to help our soldiers on the front line.

The Grand Arcade has teamed up with Operation Shoebox UK, a voluntary organisation co-ordinating the sending of care parcels to British troops serving abroad, especially in Afghanistan.

Centre manager John Sanson said: “Operation Shoebox is a fantastic organisation working for a really great cause.

“We are hoping that the people of Wigan can help us reach our target of 200 boxes as well as ensure that the troops abroad have a great 2013. 

“People can also include a personal message in their box which will help boost morale and make even more of a difference to the recipient.”­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

As of Saturday, February 9, shoppers are being asked to donated and fill an empty shoebox with everyday items such as deodorant, sweets, razors and wet wipes. The boxes will then be sent to the UK’s brave servicemen and women around the globe including Afghanistan.

The arcade is calling for customers to drop off their filled boxes at the customer service desk.

The box must include two £1 coins to aid delivery expenses.

Shoeboxes can include any of the following: gloves, hats, scarves (black only), toothpaste and toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, foot powder, wet wipes, crisps, nuts, Pringles, Pot Noodles, Oxo cubes, cereal bars, sweets, chewing gum, small bags of dried fruit, sweet and savoury biscuits, instant custard, small tins of baked beans, ravioli, tuna, macaroni cheese, plus puzzle books, pens, DVDs, CDs, tea bags, hot drink sachets. A full list is also available on the Grand Arcade website.

Ian Whiteway, founder of Operation Shoebox, said: “We would like to thank Grand Arcade Shopping Centre for helping with our efforts to support the troops abroad. 

“It would be nice if as many people as possible filled a shoe box to help bring a little cheer to our troops and importantly, let them know that back home in Britain we are thinking of them.”

Standard size shoe boxes and filled shoe boxes can be donated to the Grand Arcade Shopping Centre via che customer service desk from February 9.

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