Boy, 6, wasn’t wearing helmet, inquest told

Logan Gregson
Logan Gregson
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A WIGAN schoolboy was fatally injured when his bike shot out in front of a 4x4 after a conker hunt.

An inquest was told that Logan Gregson’s cycle did not have front brakes although technical experts said they did not believe this was the cause of the tragedy. The six-year-old, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, died at Wigan Infirmary on the evening of September 26 last year, just hours after an horrific collision on Gloucester Crescent, Hindley.

Bolton Coroner’s Court heard how the All Saints CE School pupil was returning to his Lincoln Road after collecting conkers with his friends when the crash occurred 300 yards from Logan’s home.

But the inquest also heard that Michael Biggy, the driver of the Ford Maverick involved in the fatal crash, was not to blame.

In a police statement, Logan’s friend Ben Smith told how the youngster “went straight out” into Gloucester Crescent after riding downhill across a grassy bank.

Logan’s mum Adele, who revealed that her son had been classed as academically gifted, confirmed that she knew that his green BMX had no front brakes. She also said her son had been bought a cycle helmet but never wore it. However, experts said the rear brakes should have been sufficient to bring the bike to a standstill if applied soon enough.

Mr Biggy, who stopped at the crash scene, later told officers how Logan had “just appeared from nowhere”. He also said he was in no way distracted at the time of the incident.

Despite neighbour Dennis Smalley referring to the noise created by the 4x4’s engine, forensic collision reconstruction expert PC David Poole said evidence discovered at the scene confirmed that Mr Biggy’s vehicle was travelling no faster than 19 to 23mph – in what was a 30mph zone.

PC Poole also revealed that a Land Rover Discovery parked on Gloucester Crescent at that time would have obstructed Mr Biggy’s view of Logan as he approached.

A consultant paediatrician at Wigan Infirmary said Logan suffered extensive lung injuries and a CT scan showed significant brain swelling. Medics said that they were helpless to save the stricken young patient.

Deputy Coroner Peter Watson recorded a narrative verdict, which simply read: “The deceased died from extensive lung and head injuries sustained during the course of a road traffic collision.”

He added: “Any death of a little boy is a tragedy. But the death of a gifted and talented young boy who had a real future ahead of him is particularly tragic.”

Logan’s family declined to speak after the hearing, but in tribute shortly after the accident Mrs Gregson said: “Logan – ‘Our Logi’ – was the centre of my world.

“I will so deeply miss my cheeky smart loveable son. He had the best scowl and the dirtiest laugh that infected everyone.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary.”