Boy, 7, hurt in crash

Scene of an accident on Preston Road, Standish, outside Standish High School
Scene of an accident on Preston Road, Standish, outside Standish High School

A SEVEN-year-old boy was one of two people taken to hospital after being involved in a road accident.

The accident, on Preston Road, occurred when a blue Toyota Corolla travelling towards Standish town centre hit a red Suzuki 4x4 which had been parked overnight, pushing it down the pavement into the two pedestrians at around 8.50am yesterday.

The accident happened near the junction with Kenyon Road, close to Standish Community High School.

The young boy and a woman were taken to Wigan Infirmary for treatment. Their injuries were said not to be life-threatening.

The driver of the blue Toyota was treated at the scene but did not need to go to hospital.

The child’s mother, who was also walking with them at the time but was uninjured, also went to hospital in the ambulance.

Residents rushed out of their houses to give first aid and provide emergency blankets to keep the injured warm until paramedics arrived.

The crash left debris strewn across the road and pavement, with the red Suzuki being pushed around 30ft and coming to rest facing across the road, while the blue Toyota ploughed into the garden wall of a house, causing it to bulge. Recovery vehicles managed to remove the two damaged cars before the council covered the road and pavement with grit.

An eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said: “I was upstairs when I heard this loud bang, and saw the red car moving and a lady falling over on the pavement.

“At first I thought the red car had been moving off, it wasn’t until I got out there that I realised it had been shunted down the kerb by the other car.

“The child didn’t look too badly injured but was really white, and the lady driving the blue car looked very shocked as well.

“Quite a few residents seemed to know the lady who’d been hit, and they talked to her and kept her calm until the emergency services got here.

“It’s a very good thing the accident didn’t occur about 10 minutes earlier, when this road is busy with the school run. It could have been much, much worse than it was.”

Police investigated at the scene and left at around 9.30am. There was some minor traffic disruption, but the road did not need to be closed.