Boy injured by glass at bottom of slide

The broken glass at the bottom of the slide
The broken glass at the bottom of the slide

A CONCERNED dad is issuing a warning to Wigan parents after his little boy was injured at a children’s play area.

Dave Farrimond of Liverpool Road in Hindley has taken to social networking sites to speak out about dangerous objects left in a Platt Bridge park.

He went on Twitter after his son, Kieran, five, cut his leg on the broken glass of a beer bottle which was buried in the sand on the park near Victoria Road.

Dave, 28, said: “It really scared me when Kieran came to me crying because all of his leg had been cut. Luckily the bleeding stopped as soon as I treated it with an alcohol wipe and a plaster. It wasn’t too bad but things could have been much worse.”

Kieran came across the glass when he used the slide at the park. Dave along with his other son, two-year-old, Nathan and nephew, Tyler, eight, immediately left.

He said: “I was disgusted when I went to investigate. I found a smashed Budweiser bottle in the sand at the base of the slide. It was as if it had been put there deliberately.”

Since the incident, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust (WLCT), which manages more than 100 parks in the borough, has arranged for the site to be cleared.

A spokesman for WLCT said: “We take the health and safety standards of all of them extremely seriously. All sites are visited every week by a qualified inspector who checks the equipment, litter picks and removes any glass, rubbish and graffiti.

“We would also respond to any reports of glass on a play area by making sure the material is removed as soon as possible on the same day.

“Unfortunately, we were not made aware of the incident at Foggs Fold last week and did not receive any reports of glass at this site.

“We would urge anyone witnessing any damage or other incident on this playground to call the Greenspaces helpdesk on 486999 so that we can respond promptly to keep our play sites as safe as possible.”

Dave added: “I used to regularly take the boys there. I won’t be going back anymore.”