Boy racers’ speed circuit

Locket Road Has become a  meeting place for young drivers who are racing each other late into the night in Bryn
Locket Road Has become a meeting place for young drivers who are racing each other late into the night in Bryn

BOY racers have set up an alternative track, just yards from Wigan’s official motor sports centre.

Young drivers in souped up hatchbacks with blaring exhausts are on a local industrial park, to time-trial themselves on an unofficial route.

They are using a roughly oval circuit comprising Lockett Road, through South Lancs Industrial Estate and then along Bryn Road for their early hours high jinks.

Ironically enough, the route it is just a matter of yards in places from the Three Sisters Race Track which they could hire for legal high-speed thrills.

Tenants in the large Nicol Mere council estate nearby claim that the revving engines and screeching tyres are keeping them awake at night, and councillors fear that there could be a fatality unless police step in with patrols to end the four wheeled mayhem, which has got worse with the warm summer nights.

Nicol Mere resident Karen Fishwick, who is in the process of setting up a residents’ group, said that young drivers were gathering regularly to use Lockett Road as a “free race track” with potentially fatal consequences.

She said: “This seems to be a regular occurrence and I have reported this to the Police on several occasions and residents on Bryn Road have also witnessed this.

“It usually starts from 11pm onwards but more recently it went on until after 1am.

“The noise that they are making is horrific screeching of tyres, skidding and also you can hear the speed these cars are going.

“I have started to keep a diary of what is happening.”

Coun Gary Wilkes shares the residents’ fears that the situation will escalate unless something is done.

He said : “If you were to fly over you would see that the roads form almost a perfect oval that lends itself to this dangerous abuse by boy racers.

“They are driving flat out around this pretend race circuit and timing themselves and it must be a mile and a half or so of straights and bends.

“I am not saying for one second that what they are doing is right - but you can see why they have chosen these two roads to do it.

“They are doing laps and laps at high speed at one or two o’clock in the morning and they are making an awful lot of noise in the process.

“There is lots of residential property all the way up to Lockett Road and when it is quiet in the early hours the sound is also travelling to Nicol Mere Estate which has over 200 homes and waking people up there with all this horrendous noise.

“There is a speed camera on Bryn Road but they seem to be getting information as to when it is not working and judging what nights to go racing accordingly.

“The residents have complained to the police but as far as I know we have had no patrol car activity there what so ever.

“All it needs is a police car to turn up at the early hours and take some registrations numbers and we could nip this in the bud because it is growing as others from out of the area are driving down to Bryn to have a go.”