Brave Braiden is back in remission

Braiden Prescott with Franco Spinella, who recently hosted a fund-raiser for him
Braiden Prescott with Franco Spinella, who recently hosted a fund-raiser for him
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BRAVE cancer tot Braiden Prescott is back in remission.

The four-year-old, who has been treated for the often fatal neuroblastoma, was given the fantastic news on Monday after going through his fifth round of chemotherapy.

His parents today spoke of their delight at the progress and now want their son to start living the life a four-year-old little boy should do.

Dad Wayne said: “He has been on quite a lot of treatment and he has just had five lots of chemotherapy.

“He gets scans on his sixth lot, which was last week, and it was the results on Monday when we were told he is in remission.

“He is still going to carry on his chemotherapy to be on the safe side but next Monday he will start his sixth round.

“The Monday after that we’ll have talks about whether to take him off chemotherapy and carry on with the next part of his life. He’ll be able to go swimming and go for weekends away and everything he hasn’t done basically as he’ll just be on some oral tablets.

“We’re talking about things like that, we just know he’s in remission and he’ll just carry on with a little bit more chemotherapy.”

This is the second time Braiden has been told the news he is in remission.

It means there is slight caution with regards to the family’s excitement but there were still huge emotion and beaming smiles when the news was delivered.

“To us, we’ve heard it before so this time it wasn’t as good as the first time,” added Wayne.

“There were still a couple of tears that went down our face as he’s done it again – he’s done it twice now.

“What they say is that once he’s cleared, they give him a two-year period before relapse again.

“On his first one, we had just got to America and he got it back straight away without any months of clearing him.

“Normally the relapse rate is two years so hopefully this time, touch wood, we’ll keep it away.”

Braiden is enjoying the best health of his life yet, according to his family and is also having a great time at his new school.

The remission report was the second piece of good news the Prescotts have had this week, following the birth of Braiden’s little brother Kody Jai.

It’s all added to the youngster’s tremendous spirit which Wayne says is getting better each day.

“He’s started school, he’s eating, he’s putting lots of weight on, he’s playing and he’s just like a normal person,” he said. “His little brother came last Saturday so it has been a great week.

“He’s definitely happier. Two years ago he would just sit there, this is the best we’ve ever seen him.

“He gets up in the morning, he goes to school and plays as normal, he’s just like a normal kid where two years ago he was a little lifeless.

“He loves school, he comes home and has tales to tell us as normal, we are so happy with him.”

Since Braiden’s diagnosis, thousands across the borough have dug deep to help fund his treatment.

The latest function was a charity dinner at Franco’s restaurant which raised £768.50.

Wayne also added words of thanks for everyone who is helping with fund-raising for Braiden.

He said: “We are very, very grateful to everyone that has helped us and to everyone that is willing to carry on to help us.

“We couldn’t have done any of this without anyone out there helping us.”