Brave Charlie facing year-long battle

Charlie Taylor, of Leigh, who has neuroblastoma
Charlie Taylor, of Leigh, who has neuroblastoma

LITTLE Charlie Taylor is facing a medical battle that anyone would dread.

The three-year-old was given a 70 per cent chance of getting better after being diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma last week.

But in order for those odds to work he need 12 months of harsh chemotherapy to tackle the aggressive cander.

His mum Charlotte Marriot, of Leigh, is constantly at the youngster’s bedside at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and is hoping for the best.

Close friend Jennie Mulcrow said: “Charlotte puts on a brave face, but she is devastated, as we all are.

“But she wants everyone to be positive, as she does not want Charlie to see us upset, as that will make him worse.

“Charlotte first noticed Charlie was not speaking and would not play with other children in July and he was diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

“Then his eye dropped on his cheek and after he was taken to the doctor, he was transferred to hospital.

“An eye scan found a large tumour behind his eye, and further scans revealed a tumour beyond his eye - under the brow bone, under his brain and round the back of his brain.

“More tests discovered the tumour had gone to the bottom of his spine and had spread to his bone marrow – it is everywhere.

“He has a 70 per cent chance of survival, but there is a lot of strong treatment for 12 months and he has to respond well to every single one. For a little three-year-old, the treatment will be hard. It does not work for every child. His first chemotherapy session was awful, especially as he is autistic and doesn’t like to be touched.” Jennie and a lot of other friends have set up a Facebook and Crowdfunder page to help Charlie’s stay in hospital become more comfortable.

Jennie added: “We are looking at fund-raising and have set a Crowdfunder. So far, in just four days, we raised £500 for a specialist buggy for him to lie down in during chemotherapy. He also needs special sensory toys. “Everyone has been really supportive for Charlotte, especially her mum, Veronica, who has been helping out with taking care of her other daughter, five-year-old Grace.”

For more information or to donate, visit Hand in Hand with Charlie on Facebook and