Brave Kaye heads to parliament

The Houses of Parliament and (below) Kaye Sparrow
The Houses of Parliament and (below) Kaye Sparrow

A WIGAN primary school girl is heading a delegation to the Houses of Parliament lobbying for more support for diabetics like herself.

Kay Sparrow, 10, discovered she had Type 1 diabetes last year and has to face up to the fact that she will have to battle against this nasty condition for the rest of her life.

Billinge schoolgirl Kaye Sparrow, 10, who has type 1 diabetes

Billinge schoolgirl Kaye Sparrow, 10, who has type 1 diabetes

The Billinge St Aidan’s Primary School pupil has been selected to represent Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside in a group lobbying MPs at the House of Commons on April 25.

She is one of 60 adults and children with the condition who are attending the Type 1 Parliament event to talk about how it affects their lives in the hope of convincing politicians to pump extra funding into research.

Type 1 diabetes causes the body’s own immune system to turn on itself and attack cells in the pancreas which produce insulin.

The condition affects about 350,000 adults in the UK including 26,000 children and requires multiple daily insulin injections and finger prick blood tests to manage.

It normally strikes children and stays with them for the rest of their lives. At home in Billinge Kaye said: “Diabetes has totally taken over my life.

“It also affects my family and everyone around me.

“I don’t think people realise just how awful and serious type 1 diabetes is.

“Diabetes is horrible. I want to ask the Government to give more funding for medical research so that a cure can be found.

“I would love to have it cured especially in my lifetime.”

Her mum Tina said that since her diagnosis, Kaye has received a lot of support from St Aidan’s.

She added: “Kaye’s diabetes came as a huge shock for all of us.

“It meant massive changes to every aspect of Kaye’s life and Kaye needed help and support to adjust. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone at St Aidan’s who have helped Kaye to make these adjustments and to everyone including the pupils and parents who have supported Kaye’s fund-raising.

“Kaye would also like to thank her Nana Ann and everyone who has helped her to get prizes to raise money and a special thank you to Anne, Helen, Vicky and the diabetes team at Whiston Hospital for helping her with her diabetes.”

Kaye has also tried to raise awareness of the condition and helped to organise an assembly at school to tell all the children about it.

Kaye was selected to go to Parliament on November 14 which is World Diabetes Day.