Brave mum wins compo claim

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A BRAVE Wigan mum who became an amputee role model has finally landed a pay-out for her life-changing injury.

Lisa Eagleton did not let the loss of her right leg stop her embarking on modelling work – and she tried pole dancing.

Lisa Eagleton

Lisa Eagleton

But she never gave up her quest for justice over the incident that left her disabled.

And this week that five-year mission ended after she secured £90,000 in damages to help her move on with her life.

It was in February 2007, when the 38-year-old was walking her dogs along Darlington Street that she was hit by a car.

She today bravely described the agonising incident and spoke of her relief that she can now move forward and start to rebuild her life.

In fact she has already been making the best of her plight. Ms Eagleton said: “There was a football match on that day and there was a lot of traffic around. I was walking my dogs and we had to cross the road on our way to see a friend.

“I looked left, right and ahead. When I looked right there was nothing coming.

“I looked down to call to the dogs to make them follow me. I’d only taken a few steps when I was hit.”

The former supermarket manager, who lives in Worsley Mesnes, was taken to Wigan Infirmary where she received treatment for a badly broken right leg, a broken nose and severe facial bruising.

However the leg injury proved to be much worse than first thought, and despite doctors’ best efforts she developed a number of problems and infections.

In total, Ms Eagleton underwent a total of 21 surgical procedures and six months after the accident she had an amputation.

She said: “When they explained to me that I should have the infected part of the leg amputated I was devastated.

“It left me in complete shock and emotionally I fell to pieces as a result.”

Ms Eagleton added: “Throughout it all my children have been incredible.

“It has been as big an ordeal for them as it has for me.”

As she tried to start rebuilding her life, Ms Eagleton was using her benefit payments to help fund some of the extra care she was receiving.

Martin James, a serious injuries specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, represented her in the fight for compensation.

Mr James said: “Ever since the incident, the driver’s insurer had refused to admit liability for Lisa’s injuries.

“They suggested that she had stepped out in front of the driver and was therefore responsible. Ultimately, we were forced to go to trial to prove this was not the case.”

Just a week before the trial, the defendant made an offer to split the liability and Ms Eagleton secured a £90,000 payment.