Brides will tie the knot after cancer battle

Wendie Wheeler (right) will marry partner Helen Bradley in September
Wendie Wheeler (right) will marry partner Helen Bradley in September

Wendie Wheeler will have more reasons to celebrate than many brides when she ties the knot next month.

For the mum-of-one and partner Helen Bradley had to cancel their original wedding plans when Wendie was diagnosed with two different types of cancer.

She became seriously ill and Wendie feared she was going to die.

But she is now in remission and is looking forward to marrying Helen at Rufford Old Hall on Friday, September 22.

Wendie, who lives in Up Holland, said: “I don’t think it’s sunk in, to be honest. It’s less than six weeks away but it’s not real yet. I still think to myself that something will happen.”

Wendie began feeling unwell in March 2015 and was diagnosed with both follicular lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma.

Doctors explained it was rare to be diagnosed with both of these types of cancer at the same time.

Wendie received chemotherapy at The Christie and initially the treatment worked and she went into remission in October 2015.

But the cancer returned last year, meaning doctors needed to try a new combination of chemotherapy drugs.

Thankfully, once again the drugs worked.

Wendie said: “I didn’t think I’d be around to be married because I was so ill. Christies told me they were running out of options. By some miracle the last chemo worked and put me into remission.”

Wendie, 44, and Helen, 47, have been together for four years and are looking forward to finally tying the knot.

There will be 12 bridesmaids and three pageboys - all dressed in Wendie’s favourite colour pink.

Wendie’s chief bridesmaid will be her daughter Melissa and her brother will walk her down the aisle.

The bridal party is so large that they will travel to the venue in two limousines.

The first dance will be to Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me, due to the words in the song relating to her illness.

And guests will be given Cancer Research UK pins featuring the couple’s names as wedding favours.

Wendie, who was the official starter of Race For Life in Aintree in June, said: “I want to give something back. Without cancer research, I wouldn’t be here now.

“Rather than spending money on something people will throw in a drawer, at least if they do that with these, the money has gone somewhere good.”

After the wedding, Wendie and Helen will go on a family holiday to Lanzarote as their honeymoon.

Wendie has been warned that the cancer will return, but for now she is looking to the future, including her daughter’s wedding next year.

Her health is improving, though she does still struggle with mobility and gets tired easily.

She said: “I couldn’t have got through it without Helen.”

Wendie thanked everyone who had supported her during her illness, including the Winstanley ward at Wigan Infirmary and people who gave her presents, cards and donated money in her honour.