Broken teacup row lands man in court

Crime story
Crime story

A WIGAN man was hauled before the courts after he was arrested following an argument over a broken teacup.

Simon Young denied breaching the peace in a row with his father on Wednesday night.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how police were called to a property on Clapgate Lane, Marus Bridge, at about 10pm.

When officers arrived, Young’s father claimed that his son had been aggressive and broken some crockery.

Young, 39, told the officers he couldn’t leave the address because he had nowhere else to go.

But, after spending a night in a police cell, Young insisted: “I truly believe, given the circumstances, that an arrest was not the correct outcome. I don’t believe I created a breach of the peace.”

The defendant explained that the broken crockery was “a complete accident”.

He told the court: “I’m my father’s carer and I constantly ask him to put his plates in the sink.

“That night, as I put my favourite bone china teacup down on the side, it hit one of the plates and smashed on the floor.

“I had a moan at him and he called the police because his favourite programme was on.”

Young, also of Clapgate Lane, Marus Bridge, will face a trial on April 8.