Brother is jailed for ear biting

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A MAN who chewed part of his brother’s ear off in a “primeval” attack has been jailed for three years.

James Yates committed the crime after arriving in an agitated state at his ex-partner’s home and rowing with her - the day after he was convicted for assaulting her. His brother, Gareth, was also there and told him to go away and “grow up” but Yates swung a punch, prosecutor Harry Pepper told Liverpool Crown Court.

“They grappled with each other and Gareth took his leg from under him and was on top of him. Yates put his thumb into Gareth’s eye and Gareth let go.

“He then got on top of him growling and lunged towards his ear.

“The defendant left and Gareth felt part of his ear hanging off. He had a bite to his ear and was bleeding heavily.

“He had pain in his eye which was bloodshot.”

The court heard the wound had “healed well” after plastic surgery. When interviewed the 32-year-old of Derby Street, Atherton, said he had been off his medication and his brother had been goading and he snapped. He said he did not remember fighting but accepted he must have bitten his brother’s ear.

Judge Brian Lewis said, “This was primeval savagery committed against a member of your own family and committed in the presence of two women. While holding him so he could not move you attacked his ear with your teeth.

He said that the “hideous” photographs showed the bite had virtually severed a crescent shaped portion of the top of the ear. “There is absolutely no excuse for this. It was entirely unprovoked.”

Yates had pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent on September 3 last year. Philip Astbury, defending, said that Yates had acted on the spur of the moment. While on remand he has undertaken an anger management course and his parents are standing by him,