Brush and bleach attack compo

Crime story
Crime story

A MAN who hit his neighbour with a brush and sprayed his clothes with bleach has been ordered to pay compensation.

Nicholas Taylor struck Simbarashe Nyambiya on the knee while sweeping up in their block of flats before spraying his jeans with bleach.

Wigan magistrates heard how the defendant, 35, of Devonshire Road, Atherton, saw red when Mr Nyambiya complained about his dog urinating on the stairwell. Following an exchange of words, Taylor then struck the complainant on the knee while cleaning up and sprayed his jeans – causing £60 worth of damage.

The defendant, who subsequently apologised for his actions, admitted he had made “a childish mistake”.

He said: “He (Mr Nyambiya) caused a lot of trouble in our flats. I often got harassed by bailiffs who were looking for him.

“There’s only me and my girlfriend who actually go out of their way to clean the flats. He’s been making a big song and dance about this because he’s had to move out.

“I don’t think that’s fair.

Magistrates accepted Taylor’s version of events and, because of his early guilty pleas, handed him a six-month conditional discharge.

They also ordered him to pay £60 compensation, £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.