Burglaries go unsolved

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Crime news
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NINE out of 10 of burglary cases committed in Wigan borough between January and March have been shut down without being solved.

Home Office data analysed by the Post shows a staggering 89.8 per cent of burglaries over that time are unsolved.

Of the 566 burglaries only 11 (1.9 per cent) are still under investigation and only 19 led to the offender being jailed.

But Greater Manchester Police Ass Chief Cons Garry Shewan said the figures only provided a snapshot of the issue and cases could be re-opened and solved with the emergence of new evidence.

He said: “These figures are not representative of the time, effort and work that goes into every burglary investigation.

“All positive lines of inquiry are followed up by officers. This includes forensic recovery, intelligence gathering and witness interviews and CCTV inquiries in order to see that criminals are brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes.

“Unfortunately, what we do find is that in many cases there are no witnesses, no forensics, no intelligence and no CCTV which makes it difficult to find a conclusion to a crime.

“Across Greater Manchester, burglary is a priority crime and while we know there has been an increase in this area, the last three years have seen it follow a downward trend.

“As a force, we have not taken our eyes off the ball and our officers continue to be on the ground to target known offenders.

“We look at all crimes to identify patterns of offending and build a picture of where our police patrols need to be targeted.”

Figures were compiled to gauge the outcomes of investigations once they had been completed.